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Welcome to Envisage Group

Intersourced. Individualized. Integrated.
Co-managed Technology Strategies for Sustainable Security and Growth
All Things Techie

We were a 'boutique' technology consulting company before boutique was a thing. 

We have a menu of professional services that we tailor to meet the needs of our clients today, and adapt to meet their needs as their direction (or budget) changes.

One size does not fit all.
Find out if we're the fit for you!

Shameless self-promotion

With over 30 years in the technology arena, we have been busy.

We have refined our focus in the last decade, channeling our energy into projects that leverage our experience and insight.

As technology gets more and more complex, choosing the right solution is also about choosing the right direction.

We understand both.


We have the best clients.

No, seriously ... We. Do.


They are our daily bread and we couldn't be more grateful.


After becoming a worldwide leader in cybersecurity for businesses, Sophos is now offering personal protection for your at-home Mac or PC.

Visit our Sophos Home page for more info!

We started in the "early" days of technology, back when business owners saw a computer as upgrade for their word processing or accounting department and they might need a little help with the setup.

Beyond that, it wasn't seen as much more than a tool that sat on your desk,

like a typewriter or telephone.

Then along came the internet and everything changed.

And it changed and it changed and it changed.

And it is still changing.

And it's changing faster than ever.

And, it's all good.

Because we keep changing too...

so we can be there for you all along the way!




​136 North Water Street, Suite 202

Kent, OH 44240

Tel: 330-673-0393 ext 201

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