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Sophos Home goes above and beyond your typical anti-virus software. It gives your home computer powerful protection from a multitude of cybercrimes.

Mac or PC?

Doesn't matter! Sophos offers protection for both Macs and PC's. To find out what Sophos can do for your home computer, visit these links:

Tell me more...

With Sophos Home premium, you can have ultimate protection on up to 10 different devices. Sophos uses advanced detection to recognize and prevent potential threats to your network and information. Bring business-grade security to your home computers!


Sophos has traditionally secured businesses around the world, and now, they're offering that same security on a personal scale--security for your own Mac or PC.


While home users aren't our gig, we also know that most of us "work from home these days" in some fashion - so, helping you get secured through Sophos Home makes all of us a little safer. 

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