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All Things Techie

Our philosophy is to do a few good things very, very well. We do not profess to do everything, because "the jack of all trades is the master of none." We work with a select number of clients in industry verticals where we have the depth and experience to bring real value to our clients. No one can afford to hand off their entire IT department to someone else when you are in highly regulatory fields. You can't abdicate an entire layer of your business, so instead, we supplement--because we care.

It's not just a matter of "checking the box" for us; it's about understanding, resolving, and preventing issues.

So, what are we masters of?

We work with businesses in the financial and automotive verticals, who are impacted by and need support managing an ever-changing, complex landscape of security regulations, as well as those who are chartered to meet HIPPA compliance requirements.

If you are a 

"third party vendor" who

works with companies in those verticals who needs help navigating new and challenging provisions, we get it--it's hard to keep up with all the latest in cyber security sometimes.

We are here to help.

Additionally, we offer information technology managed services and network infrastructure synchronized security services. In other words, we offer protection through your

entire network,

endpoint to endpoint.

Sophos has traditionally secured businesses around the world, and now, they're offering that same security on a personal scale--security for your own Mac or PC.
Take a look at what Sophos can do for you! They offer a variety of services for free, and the low-cost premium plan is on sale for an annual total starting at $45, so you can be both secure and on a budget! (The two don't have to be mutually exclusive anymore.)
Now through March 31, get 25% off the 1- and 2-year prices for Sophos Home! For one year, Sophos Home is marked down from $60 to $45, and for two years, it's marked down from $120 to $90. Check out our Sophos Home page for more info about it!
While home users aren't our gig, we also know that most of us "work from home these days" in some fashion - so, helping you get secured through Sophos Home makes all of us a little safer.  Follow our link to participate in this awesome deal: Buy Sophos Home!
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