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Our start as business owners is so cliche we are almost embarrassed to tell you, except we like our humble beginnings (and we'll tell you if you ask). And even if you don't ask...

Once upon a time, back when computers were more like office decorations, Annie worked for a fortune 500 call center and dreamt of having more flexibility to spend time with her kids while using a few of her technical and creative skills for the greater good (i.e. income). Collaborating with her husband Pat, they founded Envisage Group Inc in 2000, where she began creating websites for small organizations in NEO. As Envisage grew, Annie eventually left her previous job, and as the tech bubble burst, Pat, who initially had no plans to work with the new business, joined Annie and they widened their services and expanded their staff. Envisage's small beginning demonstrates the personal level of commitment they have for their clients, and today, this lovely cast works to keep their clients safe and connected.


Inadvertantly suave but very reluctant to do a bio for this website, he's the one who holds the title of "President." 

Mostly, he's the visionary and go-to guy.

He's an entrepreneural anamoly. 

He both makes the time to keep his skills sharp and focused on day-to-day client needs but never drops the ball on the bigger picture - breaking away to study and stay ahead of industry trends.

Mostly, he's the good guy and the person that other very talented people call when they just. can't. figure. it. out.


Slightly hard to rein in, she's the one who has to be reminded, daily, that not everyone thinks technology is fun.  (She'd rather have a new gadget - or a bike or a kayak - than jewelry.)

She brings the humanity to desktop support.

She is our in-house translator, our counselor and tell-it-like-it-is security guru.

She believes in the mantra "trust, but have complex passwords and two-factor authentication."

At the end of the day, she knows she is lucky to have the staff and clients that make Envisage a success and isn't afraid to say so (even when she looks like a suck-up).


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Were you expecting another grumpy and impersonal computer person? Surprise!

Jack uses the stereotypical "IT guy" image as his reference point for how to not handle computer issues with people. Jack is not allergic to small-talk and pleasantries, and likes to get to know clients on a personal level.

Unhappy with stagnation and comfort, Jack is constantly searching for new things to learn, even in his free time. He likes to spend his time listening to and playing music, walking his dog, and reading, and splits his mainstays with whatever new thing he wants to learn or do.

Always eager to help clients with their computer issues, Jack likes to focus on diagnostics and finding solutions. His more personal approach to IT has lent itself well to being Envisage Group's on-site technician.




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Nick was born and raised in the heart of Illinois, but we can’t blame him for that. In 2016 he graduated from

Kent State University in Kent, Ohio with a B. S. in

Digital Science, which makes sense, because he spent much of his childhood playing with computers.

Naturally, he was appointed his family’s unofficial official IT guy (you know how that goes) and has become a master Googler and cryptocurrency enthusiast.

He’s an IT specialist by day, and stock trader by night, which is when he enjoys those post-work whiskey waters.

His favorite quote, as stated by Friedrich Nietzsche, is, “To live is to suffer, to survive is to find some meaning in the suffering.” Everybody say, “Hi Nick!”




She's definitely not the person who's going to be helping you with your computer issues, but Brittany is the one who takes care of the little projects around the office, because every company needs business cards and employee bio's for the company website, right?

Brittany graduated from Kent State University with a B.A. in English and a minor in writing, so she's a professional book nerd. She's been a writer since before she could actually write words (you know how children like to scribble and then tell you what it "says") and posts her creative work--such as short stories, comics, and more--to her blog website Slanted Spines every week.

She responds to "Queen Office Coordinator" or "Supreme Coordinator of Miniscule Office Affairs" and does her best to add some flair where she can get away with it. At any given moment she's probably pointing out how beautiful the sky looks or plotting how to take over the world through language alone. She loves nature, peace, and music, and also the 2013 version of the Tomb Raider video game.

Nicholas Bell (6).jpg

Just another average Joe on our team of experts.

Matt is the newest member of our IT family! He's a native to Kent, so you can reminisce with him about what Kent used to look like, before it started undergoing all these additions and modifications. This spring 2019, Matt graduated from Kent State University with an undergraduate degree in Computer Science, so if he has a vibrant glow about him, it’s probably because he is overjoyed from this recent accomplishment! Now he has more free time to devote to other things he enjoys, like coding and playing video games. And when the weather is nice, he's been known to do some traveling or sightseeing, because he loves experiencing different views and cultures. One time, he studied abroad in Japan (no big deal, right?), and he’s also been backpacking in various regions of the United States, such as the Appalachian Mountains, Arches National park, and the west coast. (Can we come with you next time, Matt?) But, despite all his impressive travels and rugged adventures, he says he really likes I.T. because “building and securing networks is like solving a puzzle—you have all the pieces, you just need to figure out how they fit together.” And who doesn't love a good puzzle?

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Annie wishes. (And Brittany thinks she could use an assistant.)

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We keep you safe and connected

Nerd Herd en masse, September 2019

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