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Envisage Spotlight: Getting to Know the Nerd Herd Nick Edition

Welcome back to the second edition of Getting to Know the Nerd Herd, where we politely interrogate our staff while they are trying to do work. This week’s victim—I mean, contestant---on The Nerd is Right is… Nick!

Nick has worked at Envisage for almost four years and is quite used to the usual Envisage silliness. I popped over to Nick’s neck of the office to ask him a few questions, as I eyeballed his “You don’t have to be crazy to work here—we’ll train you” desk sign.

What is your favorite place you’ve traveled to?

I would have to say… Hmm... Either L.A. or Windsor, Canada.

What’s in Windsor?

I went to Windsor with my fraternity, and it was just nice to be in another country. It’s the only other country I’ve been to.

And L.A.?

L.A. I liked because of the weather. And just the openness, being near the ocean…

What do you think about on your drive to work?

I usually listen to Jim Cramer’s Mad Money podcast; it talks about the stocks and political news that affects the economy. While I'm driving I also think about being on time and what I’ll have to do once I get to work… And if I locked the cage for the dog at home.

If you weren’t an “IT guy,” what career would you do?

Probably be a cook. I love the variety of different foods, using all the ingredients and spices and things… If it’s near breakfast, breakfast is my favorite to cook----sausage, eggs, toast, all of that good stuff… But I also don’t mind doing a spread for dinner.

What gadget or program do you like that you would recommend to others?

Tech-wise, a home firewall. It’s necessary only if you care about security at home. You know, most people get their router from AT&T and set it up and just leave it at that. But a firewall can monitor your Internet usage and what happens on the other side of the internet that you don’t usually get to see.

Also smart home devices, too; I have a lot of those around our apartment. I have an Alexa and Google Home. It does make life a little easier, but then you get used to it, and I’ll be in the car or at work trying to talk to smart devices that I’m used to at home. [chuckles]

What are your predictions for tech?

I would say… Normal cable TV will probably fade out soon here. Every company is starting their own streaming service, and so, soon people won’t pay for cable; they’ll just pay for streaming services. We’ll also see faster internet speeds, especially when 5G becomes a thing. Computers are also going to get smaller and smaller… Oh, have you seen our mini-computer? [shows me a small piece of equipment, about the size of a handheld CD player]

So this is essentially the same thing as a computer tower.

Wow! And that can do the same thing?

Yeah, it can actually do more than an average computer. It’s very powerful. It’s solid state, too, so there’s no moving parts in it. There’s only one small fan in it, but it doesn’t get as hot as regular computers.

If I didn’t know what that was, I’d think it was just a random piece of equipment! It’s so small, but I bet it’s actually pretty expensive, huh?

Oh yeah. I’d love to have one of these myself! Just tape it on the side of my desk or something. [laughs]


Well that's all I have on Nick! Unfortunately I don't have access to any embarrassing baby pictures or goofy stories from his childhood--but, if it interests you, I can be monetarily persuaded to do some P.I. work into this topic! However, I'm sure Nick will appreciate the lack of blackmail intel, so you can choose your allegiance on this one.

I would describe Nick as "the rock" of Envisage, because while the rest of us have our craziness, he's probably the most stable one out of all of us! And for that, we give him a round of applause.

Thanks Nick!

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