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Envisage Code of Culture

The culture of an office is pretty important—some offices have a really lame culture, where employees dread going to work every day, their boss makes outlandish demands, and everything generally sucks. Our motto at Envisage is that “We don’t want to suck.” (Wait, I think I got that wrong…) Because our employees are here every day working towards a similar goal of keeping our clients ‘safe and connected,’ we want the office to be enjoyable. After all, your job is a big part of your life, and if we’re all working together to maintain a healthy culture, our product will be that much more quality.

Fun Policy

At Envisage, there will be severe consequences if you are suspected of not having fun, and by “severe consequences,” we mean, “We will be really sad if you are not enjoying yourself.” Laughter, comradery, and music should not be considered “unprofessional” because these elements are a part of human nature, and we don’t want to deprive our employees of what makes our lives fun. Our employees bring their unique personalities to do their job, which enriches the atmosphere for everyone.

Snack Policy

And the Queen said, “Let there be snacks!” We have a free-range snack policy, so by all means, satisfy your hunger as it arises. Of course, please snack responsibly so that there are no technological casualties in the midst of your chowing down… #ISpilledCoffeeOnMyKeyboard


We know to succeed as a team, communication is paramount. Communication includes saying, “Good morning!” when your co-worker rolls into work (perhaps a little grumpy still), and communication includes checking up with your boss on the status of a project. We want to make sure we’re all on the same page, otherwise the plot doesn’t make sense. But communication also includes voicing your thoughts and opinions, and speaking up when you have an issue or suggestion. You don’t have to bottle it up!


Sing it! Being comfortable at work means that you feel valued and respected, and being a good team member means that you value and respect others. Think about it—if you feel disrespected, you’re likely much less motivated to go above and beyond at your job. We abide by the saying, “To have esteem, you must do esteemable acts.”


Because security is our mantra, we have a significant amount of trust with each other. I mean, we all signed the privacy contract when we began working, so there are serious repercussions for disclosing client information. But we also trust that our team will do their job with the interests of the company, customers, and their co-workers in mind.

See, that's not so bad, is it? In fact, we might even go so far as to say that we like our jobs, and more-than-tolerate our nerdy cyber-fam co-workers. n__n

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